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Whereas the Inyanga treats physical disease, the Sangoma is concerned with the psychic world but may use similar media. The sangoma is charged with ascertaining the cause of bad events, of protecting the clan against evil spirits and of exposing antisocial individuals.

In former times the training took approximately twenty five years. Today, as a rule, the training period covers a span of five to seven years - in cities, frequently only several months. The sangomamay otherwise lead a normal life and perhaps have a second 'job'


Incorrectly thought of as the witch doctor, the inyanga is the doctor of the tribe - more correctly, the naturopath. Each inyanga trains his son and the information is thus passed on from generation to generation.

Both plant and animal parts are used in the remedies and Zulu people will travel long distance to see an inyanga - in fact 80% of the Zulu population still consult inyangas. Remedies for unsatisfactory love lives and such things as protection against lightning are also dispensed.


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